At Primo Popcorn we like to keep things interesting.  We do popcorn several different ways and also use some local ingredients that may need some explaining.  I hope this will help.

 Let's start with a rundown of our major popcorn flavor categories!

Savory Flavored Popcorn:    We take fresh popped corn and embellish it with flavored oils, cheeses and spices.  That's how we get our favorites like "Prime Rib", "Raging Crab" and "Bacon Ranch".

Candied & Candy Flavored Popcorn:    All made from scratch, our syrups are cooked up in a big vat.  Fresh popped corn is added and fully coated to be the base for our multi flavored "Kalakoa", "Li  Hing Pineapple" and "Hawaii's Own Caramel".

Chocolate Flavored Popcorn:    We take our candy popcorn and take it another step.  White, milk and dark chocolates are flavored and coated over the candy popcorn to create "Chocolate Haupia Pie", "Birthday Cake" and "Black Tie Rendeveous". 


There's a lot more to tasty popcorn, though. Here are some of the seasoning and added flavors we use to sweeten and spice things up to give you a truly delicious taste - every time!

Arare:    Japanese rice cracker.  A crunchy, slightly salty treat good all by itself or added to popcorn.

Furikake:    A popular Japanese garnish made from seasoned seaweed and sesame seeds.  Usually sprinkled on rice, in Hawaii, it is an item used extensively on fish, poultry and yes, even popcorn. 

Li hing:    This is a sweet plum powder.  From China, this item has made it into the hearts of Hawaiians for generations.  We sprinkle this powder on everything, "gummy bears", mango and even pineapple. 

Shiracha:    A spicy pepper sauce.  You've seen it.  The one with the red rooster logo. 

Hawaiian chile pepper:    This special pepper has a unique flavor that is a local favorite used in traditional "chile pepper water".  Unique enough for Primo Popcorn to win the Golden Pepper Trophy from the Firey Food Challenge with "Dah Haawaiian" and also, the Sovie Award with "Wicked Cacao".