Combo Mix:

Nutty Toffee - toffee & almonds

Salty Dawg - sea salt milk chocolate & caramel

Peanut Butter & Jelly Strawberry
Peanut Butter & Jelly Grape

Ry's Furikake Special -  caramel, mac nut, furikake 
                                           (seasoned seaweed) & a touch
                                           of chile pepper
                        *2013 Scovie Award Winner!

Li Hing Pineapple -  pineapple  dusted with
                                      Li Hing powder                        
Primo Popcorn

The Menu

We make our popcorn fresh daily (except Sundays) at our Sand Island location.  We believe popcorn should taste awesome.  So we offer the simple "Litto Bit" to our full blown CoFuriShew.   We have the gentle white cheddar (Haole) to the bold Wasabi Soy BBQ.  Sweet to salty and did you say spicy?  From our Raging Crab to Holy Ghost (ghost chile), we got the heat range for you. 

Lots of originals, too.  We are the only place you willl find Ry's Furikake Special, Tornado and Li Hing Pineapple.  Special combinations you would not imagine. 

Check 'em all out.  Savory, Candied and Chocolate.  We have some items available for quick purchase, but if its not on our online shopping site, just call or email us and we can invoice your request through PayPal. 

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